Classic Day Camps & Fanatic Options

Classic Camp

Classic camps are for those who can’t get enough of everything “camp”. Each day, campers get four, one hour focused activity (also know as skill) sessions which are selected when they check in at camp. Classic camp offers the traditional Ranger experience, but don’t be mistaken: there are still new surprises and a unique experience for each camp.
Squirt camp gives younger campers a taste of Classic Camp in a 3 day package.

Fanatic Camp

Fanatic options maximize skill time for classic campers at our teen camps by replacing some of this time with their chosen Fanatic activity. Choose from paintball, tubing behind our boat, horseback riding, artistic painting, Wild Camp, Fierce Camp, and Watersports fanatic options. Simply choose a classic camp, add a fanatic option, and enjoy! Options vary from week to week, so please check out our camp dates page for more details.

Horseback Riding Fanatic: Whether you’ve never ridden a horse or have years of experience, you will have fun and be challenged! Spend more time with these gentle beasts. Learn more about Equine care and riding technique.
Paintball Fanatic: Our diverse courses and excellent instruction will take your gameplay beyond the next level. Experience three full days of intense challenges and fun on our vast paintball field.
Watersports Fanatic: Wakeboarding, wake skating, wake surfing and beyond! Watersports Fanatic pairs fun instructors with a world-class tow boat. Whether you’re experienced or new to these sports you’ll have a great time on our private lake for three full days.
Artistic Painting Fanatic: Ever have the desire to place paint on canvas? Try your hand at this artistic skill! Spend three days with our skilled Instructor who will guide you through the joys of Artistic Painting.
Wild Fanatic: Rough it in style! This camp features tasty outdoor cooking, a prime location nestled in our camp’s back country, along with tons of rugged outdoor Ranger fun; learning how to properly canoe, make fires and more. This camp will run for three days in Ranger’s wilderness.
Fierce Fanatic: Virtue, Beauty & Fearless (Proverbs 31:25). Building exceptional young women in the confidence they can obtain through loving who they are. This fanatic option is its own smaller camp that features solid mentorship with tons of fun along the way. Some of the activities include: art, jewelry making, self defence and a selection of our classic camp activities.